Thursday 19 November 2009

Cheddar Ticklist.

After a long time sat up last night looking at the Cheddar Guide by Martin Crocker (which I think is an excellent guide) I have decided that for now (because of the slightly easier access) these are the climbs I will attempt to complete before some arbitrary point in time.

  • All Hands to the Pump - Arch Rock
  • Postcard from Titan - Castle Rocks (Scary Monsters)
  • Thermopylae - Castle Rocks (Madruga)
  • Still Waters Run Deep - High Rock
  • Fool's Bolt - Acid Rock
  • Sherry Land - High Rock
  • The Minstrel - The Wave
  • Islands in the City - The Wave
  • Get That Man - Ginsberg
  • Shakin' Like a Leaf - High Rock
  • Ritual Slaughter - The Wave
  • Crystal Gale - The Wave

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