Thursday 25 February 2010

TCA again

Getting a little dull typing that into the Title box but TCA is where I like to hang out now,

I have been doing a little thinking about improvement and whatnot and have come to the conclusion that not having grades at TCA is hampering me...
I dont know what to try and I dont know how hard to try and I think it is stopping me climbing at my maximum level.

I love beating people with grades and what I can climb compared to them, so having no system means it is quite difficult to do.

I climbed one of the new whites yesterday too which was cool, very happy with that and it is a great problem too.

There is a SW unis competition on Sunday that I am hoping should go quite well, potentially top 3 finish if I climb well.

My tips are awful at the moment so I am hoping that a few proper days off can sort that out.

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