Monday 1 October 2012

Dandelion Mind

I saw the video of David Jones climbing Dandelion Mind (V14) on UKC today

and the name of the problem caught my imagination.

I understand it is the name of Bill Bailey's newest DVD offering, but nevertheless I decided to write something about it.

Unfortunately, I couldn't decide what it meant most, so now you have to suffer through two bad poems instead of just one!


We used to be so happy,
we lived without a care.
But what has happened since that time
has left my heart stripped bare

My dandelion mind,
began to fall away
what once was full, and round and whole
somehow went astray.

Your bitter words blow through me now,
and chill me to the core.
I wish my head would fill again,
and guard my heart once more.


My dandelion mind
is flighty, bright and free
the thoughts that float around my head
remind me of a bee.

A bee that flies through summer fields,
of grasses gold and green,
of flowers yellow, blue and red
as if they're in a dream.

A dream that lasts from day to day,
filling life with glee,
I'm really quite delighted that my mind belongs to me.


In other news, I went to Cheddar yesterday with Anthony and did my first ever 7c route!

I had previously tried it back in May with Tris but, despite getting the moves, I knew I would never be able to link them together.

Clearly there has been some sort of improvement, because I dogged up, cleaned the route, rested, then sent it within a few redpoints. It felt quite easy really, a little pumped at the end but otherwise pretty relaxed.

The fact that I was then hopelessly by the 7b across the road clearly doesn't mean anything...

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