Tuesday 7 June 2011


Somewhere down the line in the last month I have become a shocking 3kg over where I would like to be.

My pullup strength is pretty marginal,
I look 3kg heavier which makes me sad,
my stamina is through the floor,
my finger strength has taken a battering.

but despite that, I still managed to claw myself up various 'hard' stuff on the weekend - and I sure as hell dont know why it felt easier now, than it did when I did those routes for the first time while I was fit.

Today I went and had my first game of badminton in ages - no superstars present, just myself and housemate for about an hour or so.
With luck I will find some more people to play with and really run myself into the ground so I can rise again and float on the rock.

Until then I will have to use this extra weight as training balast...
I also need to ice my hand a bit more since it seems to have gotten a little worse.

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