Sunday 5 June 2011

How to tire yourself out.

I sometimes wonder how I manage to injure myself so often,
but looking back over the past week or so it is pretty easy to see.

I finished my exams on the 25th of May and since then I have only had 1 good nights sleep - and that was last night.

26th - Drove home to take tent back.
27th - Drove back to Bath.
28th - Worked in TCA.
29th - Worked in TCA.
30th - Bought new shoes and went to Avon Gorge.
1st - Bought approach shoes and went to the Peak district (slept badly in tent).
2nd - Attempted to climb in the peak district (failed badly) and bought new camera.
3rd - Early start to do my final viva.
4th - Cheddar with Tombi, then came back and went out to climb in fairy cave quarry.
5th - Today is a rest must be...or maybe I will do cardio.

My right hand finger is a bit tweaked still and I need to start icing it - which I haven't actually done since I got back from font.
Initially I thought it was just a minor tweak, but now I think it is a bit more than that.

Main aim for the next couple of weeks now
-Lose the weight put on in exam period.
-fix my finger.
-get some stamina.

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