Saturday 22 January 2011

Training Reflections

So after a week and a half of somewhat more applied training, what do I think of it?

Obviously the improvements seen so far are not going to be particularly noticeable, but on the up side my finger feels alright at the moment.

I guess the main thing I can take away is the amount of time I spent not training was (and probably still is) far more than it should or needs be.
I just came back from the Johnny Dawes lecture and felt that my session had been a bit of a waste so I did some more core workout that I had slacked off earlier in the week.

It may be 'revision' period but a 30-60min workout once or twice a day is more than doable within reasonable constraints. When you plan your day and start to prioritise stuff that is important -

(Facebook < Work/Climbing)

- Time and the efficient use of it becomes more apparent.

I still need to do more pullups, find a good place to do some dips and do some leg raises, this really just involves biting the bullet and starting to improve the things I am crap at rather than doing the stuff I am good at - situps and the like.

In the last 1.5 weeks I have lost 1.5kg in weight and I can now lock off on my left arm! (for a microsecond - but it is all progress) only a short while now till I can tick a one arm pullup and gain my official bragging rights badge.

I need to go ice my hand now before I head to bed so I will sign off, good luck to all that are going to SIBL tomorrow/today.


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