Tuesday 18 January 2011

Blog reflections

I just read back through some of my blog at the posts from the start, some in the middle and a few from recent times and I can say that, personally, I dont think they are too godawful to read.

For myself it isn't the most pleasant of readings due to the apparent stagnation of what I have achieved but at the same time it has served (as I hoped it would) as a reminder of some of the great times I had from the previous years such as our trip to Cresciano.

I found the posts from the previous exam periods which proclaimed that I was eating too much and exercising too little. This year I am dieting and, as such, eating none of the crap that I thought was essential for surviving a full day of work last year. It's surprising how little things like that can show a progression in mentality and perhaps would have been lost had I not written about it in the first place.
Funnily enough, while I feel quite hungry between meals, when it comes to eating them I find myself feeling full very quickly and actually choosing to leave food.
Either way, I am at a weight of 79.8kg as of 10 seconds ago which is pretty acceptable, though still a little off what I would like. More walks up the hill in need while maintaining the food intake methinks.

I also seem to finish off far too many of the posts saying that it is too late and time for bed...and such is the case again, but perhaps this is the time that I find myself most willing to 'create' as it were.

Anyway, enough of this introspective bull.
Until today (when I chose to walk the hill instead of running) I have kept strictly to the regime - which could perhaps do with a slight increase in potency since I'm not really feeling anything so far.
I tried some tucked levers the other night, though all I can say about that is I'm slightly better than I thought I was and it may soon be time to move onto slightly extended levers in future sessions.

Goodnight all, technically I have an exam tomorrow, but many hours till then.
Wish me luck!

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