Thursday 2 May 2013

Oh, nothing much

I wanted to brag about my new Ducky keyboard, but I think I literally know one person that would be remotely interested in the acquisition.

So instead of doing that I think I will just write a new post while using it.

Last weekend was very lazy:

I spent Saturday morning watching the Climbing world cup and otherwise being lazy.
While on Sunday I took some pictures of my brother competing in a kayak race.

However, on Tuesday of this week I dashed off from work to head back up to Forest rock again to try that 8a, The Enchantress.

Sadly I was not able to complete the climb, but I did manage to utterly piss the crux moves. Unfortunately the challenge of the move comes in trying to complete it after doing the first part of the problem.

2 days after my ill advised 5 hour round trip, I am still feeling sore and tired. For this reason I am not going to  climb today, instead saving my strength for the coming long weekend. Since the weather is pretty much going to be great all over the climbing areas of the UK, this puts me in a dilemma.

Do I go back up to the problem in Leicester and then spend some time in the peak, perhaps going to Rubicon or somewhere similar? Or do I follow the craggyites on their Saturday trip to Brean Down, where I could make some initial attempts on what may be an initial 8a?

Tough questions, but probably answerable if I spend some time thinking about them...

I spent yesterday evening playing golf and colouring in some pictures on photoshop.

They can be seen below:

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