Friday 29 July 2011

New Plan

Sooo, given that my hand is still not quite up to full pulling power, I have constructed a new plan for the end of the holiday.

A chap on UKC has offered a lift down to the south of france with our bikes (grenoble area) for about 70 squid.
From there we will cycle to another friends house near to Avignon (possibly via ceuse) and then have a few days off before attempting the Mt. Ventoux challenge.

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The Mt. Ventoux is an Haute Categorie Climb in the Tour De France and somewhat infamous for having 'killed' Tom Simpson in 1967.
Wikipedia describes it thusly:

"He began to wildly weave across the road before he fell down. He was delirious and asked spectators to put him back on the bike, which he rode to within a half mile of the summit before collapsing dead, still clipped into his pedals. Amphetamines were found in his jersey and bloodstream."

Personally, I think this is about the most hardcore deaths I have heard of.
He literally pushed himself to the death just to beat someone else to the top of a mountain.
It is worthy of a greek playwrite's grim imagination!

After we make a good push at the mountain we will descend and try to work our way back to the uk and home in time for the end of the holiday.

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