Sunday 10 July 2011

Gah, Neglected

...Still no climbing.
...No Rubiks.
...No Ukulele.
...No Fives.

I feel a bit awkward writing this under the subtitle of my blog now...

Sooooo...Long time no see...


Time for some news on my life.
I passed my degree in Chemistry with Management with a fairly dull 2.2, not much to say on the subject really - didn't get on with the course, and only really knuckled down to doing work in the third year. So probably a fair reflection on what I deserved. Never a 2.1 candidate after 3 years, but didnt deserve a 3rd because I am not quite that backward.

Coming out of university in May, I was hoping to go to Glasgow and work in the shiny new climbing centre being built in time for the end of the summer holidays. However, events have conspired to land me with a cushy new job in the South East of the country - and I cant complain one bit.

I climb fairly regularly with my old chemistry teacher whenever I am back home, and this summer was no exception. After having a bit of a chat about degree yadda yadda it transpired that the old Lab Technician at the school is leaving and the position was available.

After about a day the school had a crisp new CV sitting in their pigeon holes, and after a few interviews, I was offered the job!

So to look at the perks:
Climbing wall on Campus
Fives courts on Campus
3 meals a day if I want them
Free gym
Squash courts
I dont have to live in Glasgow
The grounds are beautiful
I am still within chemistry as a field
I have close ties with teaching if I want to take it up
and I get to work with a climbing mate who is (possibly) more keyed in than I am.
School Holidays - yaaadadaaaa!

Looking at the downsides:
I have to wake up at some odd hour in the morning, that up until now I was not aware existed.
I have to do work. For money....oh wait, that is sort of a perk too. Money - Sweet.

In other news - Last week I:
Ran 7.5 miles
Cycled well over 50 miles (getting well into this)
Went to rugby training
Bought waaaay too much new clothing (and now daren't look at my bank account)

I havent photographied much recently though, I am considering making my own slider, and possibly a crane. Though I have to question the wisdom of capturing nice footage if my computer is too slow to actually process it... not sure how to remedy that really.

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  1. Well this post neatly sums up your life and answers all the questions I was going to ask you, so yay us for not needing to speak face to face. Hoho.

    Congratulations, sounds as you've landed on your feet! I hope it all goes well!
    Speak soon buddy.