Monday 31 May 2010

The 50th Post!

And what a post it is.

A fun week of revision has held me back from the keyboard and as such there is also little news to be told.

I just came back from a 5.84 mile run outside of bath and I am certainly feeling very sweaty.

In my 3 days of freedom from work I have actually been quite active. On Saturday and Sunday I was working at TCA but a low volume of people walked through the door so it was relatively relaxed.
On Sunday I stripped the entire yellow circuit on my own with a little bit of help from Dan partway through, I also set a couple of blacks which are a little lower in the range than the others...which are apparently very hard, no surprises there - they were set by Joe and Keith Bradbury.
After work I ventured to the RingRoad Boulders and sent both Knuckleduster and Knuckleduster sit start which were really quite fun climbs on good quality rock.

In other news I am also getting relatively close to doing a one armer with my right arm, I can get about 3/4 of the way but cant quite finish it out. Maybe some reversals from the top might help...

I'm going to have a shower now. Bon Voyage!

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