Tuesday 23 March 2010


I'm not going to throw my toys out of the pram because I think I saw it coming, but I would rather it hadn't.
Perhaps I could have avoided the situation by not placing my name forward in the first place. However, I have not been voted in as a voting member at the AGM.

Needless to say I am slightly disappointed with the result, but in truth I don't really think it matters a great deal. I will continue to do whatever it is I have been doing so far, including all my informal trips and helping people with problems at TCA.
I think I managed to meet a few 'new' people at the meeting however, so hopefully a few more people will be interested in going out and climbing with me in the future.
Everyone who is interested should add me on Facebook because that is where I organise nearly everything nowadays.

I also voiced my idea to change the sign up times for trips because at the moment I think they positively disfavour the people who are interested in climbing. Hopefully some action will be taken on this for the next year and if possible the next trips.

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