Tuesday 16 March 2010

Sooooo, Plenty of Goooooobadnews

Hmmm, difficult to know where to start with this update.

Basically I did something good, and then something bad.
or the other way round...something like that anyways.

BUCS was this weekend and I climbed in a mediocre way, I flashed 17 out of the 18 problems I tried and did the one I failed at second attempt. In lieu of my injury I decided to stop climbing after that since the last problems all looked crimpy and dangerous. - This was 'good' in a way (although I'm not exactly thrilled by me failure to climb hard in any sense of the word 'bad' - I beat 66 people though 'good')

We then went out to Stanage where I tried the ultra classic - Deliverance 7b+ and after about an hour or so I cruised it in super amazing style - 'good'.

Unfortunately I woke up yesterday and my finger felt bad again despite clearly being good enough to manage at least something on Saturday.
So basically with Font one week away I don't think I am going to be fit in time.
As such I have given up my place on the trip in the hope that someone will be able to take it and pay me some moneys. (that's bad by the way)

hmm...I decided to run for a position as a voting member in the club, I think I can represent 'TeamKeen' in a slightly more understandable way. There is a bit of a rift in the club between 'us' and 'them' which could probably be bridged with an olive branch and some talk, which would ultimately result in a better club for both sets of people. (the opportunity to work with me is certainly good news for the rest of the club :-P )

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