Sunday 24 January 2010

Happy for the Moment.

Yesterday was a proper good day.

I went to TCA at about 4 o'clock and stayed till about 10, which may seem like quite a long session, but for the amount of climbing I actually did, I don't think it was too bad.

Dave Macleod was walking about handing out pleasant conversation and climbing help, but I was more interested in the yellow 37-move circuit.
A few posts back I mentioned that I made the 34th move and failed there.
On my first attempt I fell off at the crux with no hope of passing it.
The second time I got past it then quickly pumped out trying to get a cheeky rest before the final moves.
I believe I did the same on the third attempt and started to feel like it wouldn't go...

After about an hours break, while the centre shut and changed setup for the lecture, I had another go at the problem. I stuck on some new shoes, cleaned my soles and went for it.
It always does - but it felt really simple when I did it.
As far as difficulty goes, I think it is probably the hardest thing I have done to date.

The lecture int he evening was also excellent, Dave Macleod had a different take on what he spoke about. Most of the other lecturers have spoken about the things they have just done or the stuff that everyone already knows about. Macleod seems a bit more reserved and spoke about what he really loves -new routing - Including loads of stuff I had no idea about.

Right, I'd better go do some revision for my last exam on Tuesday.
Feeling pretty strong still so good things could be ahead. I want to go do some routes!

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