Friday 2 March 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Cough...anyone at work going to say anything?

Nope just me then.

S'all good.

I wrote this in celebration

"He floated, looking out into the inky blackness of space for what seemed like an eternity. The comlink had died 3 days ago and since then the only suggestion of contact had been a single blinking light on the console, telling him that his oxygen was running out.

Across the porthole soared a majestic planet, crowned with rings of gold and purple. He had seen it before many times as his science ship had orbited gathering research about the planets atmosphere, and after the first awe inspiring experience it had soon grown to merely become another part of his environment that he glanced at from time to time. This time however, he pulled himself towards the window, aware that it may be the last time he got to see anything so beautiful again and drank in the size and grandeur of the galactic behemoth. The red light continued to blink.

After it had passed out of sight he pushed himself back to his seat, and considered his options. Of course, since he had been out of contact for days, the space research centre located in the nearby system would be looking for him. But as the craft had only power for a weak localised homing signal, the chances of them finding him were slim to none. He knew this.
Even so, he checked the signal was transmitting and tried to conserve energy.

Slipping into unconsiousness wasnt a bad way to go anyway, at least there wasn't any pain. He had heard of a troop of scientists and marines who had landed on one of the planets, only to discover that the ground gave way to reveal a lake of fuming acid, cloaked by a thin film of impenetrable dust. Suffocation was the best of a bad job compared to that."

I may continue, I dont know. Anyone feel like a critique of that start?

I am all busted up from sport. nothing seems to be going particularly smoothly recently, maybe going to the peak this weekend, but then again, maybe not since the weather is looking a bit shite.

Time for lunch.

Also, Easter would be nice in spain.
Summer in SA

I need to get to doing some fucking training though, I feel like I have barely even been climbing at all.

I have been enjoying htis song though, so that is good.


  1. I like the story. It reminds me of this classic piece of prose:

    The hallowed mist rolls away leaving Scotland's majestic peaks revealed in all their majesty. A shape in the translucent sky reveals itself to be an eagle, that majestic bird of prey. Talons clawing, it lands on a loch, rippling the quiet majesty of the turbulent waters. The eagle pauses only to dip its majestic beak into the aqua before spreading its majestic wings and flying away to its magisterial nest high in the barren, arid, grassless hills.
    The Highland cattle. Majestic horned beast of the glens lowers its brown eyed shaggy haired majestic head as it ruminates on the mysteries of Glencoe.

    1. Not sure whether that is a compliment...


      Or taking the piss