Sunday 25 July 2010

Righty ho

Another lame post of not much happening.

On the plus side I think I might be ready for some light rehab in about a week or so - and I mean light.
Jugs on the vertical I imagine.
This is positive.

So. While I am on holiday, doing not much, I have to keep myself entertained in other fashions.
As I mentioned in the last post I went to the world cup which was neat.
Then about a week after I ended up going surfing in Sennen Cove (cornwall) where I saw the most awesome line of holds on a problem.

I was super psyched to find out what it was so I could do it some other time. After traipsing through ukc and a few shops in Sennen I eventually found out it is an E7 with death fall potential...perhaps one for a top rope ascent methinks.

My other attempts at keeping myself occupied are fairly varied I guess.

Watching films - Braveheart is good. - Eclipse is very much on the opposite end of the scale.
Rubiks cube (new pb 33.30)
and Ukelele (I am still pretty rubbish after 2 whole days of practice - what is that all about?!?)
I also got involved with a game of ultimate frisbee the other day which was interesting.

I am thinking about going to London on Monday to play some fives in the Westway centre. I could do with a partner though.
unfortunately one is in Germany,
another in Devon,
another in Kenya
and the last one is being non commital because he has one of those job things.

Oh well. Might go anyway.

Some of my favourite pictures from the last few weeks

Kilian on one of the WC problems
Bobby midway through a jump on Leith Hill
Looking towards Lands End (note the wreck)
Bobby on the Beach

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